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TBG communities atop RCLCO 2020 list


We’re happy to share that several TBG master planned communities were included on RCLCO’s Top-Selling Communities in 2020 list.

Some of TBG’s first projects as a young firm in the 80s and 90s were communities and through our decades of experience, we’ve refined our approach and design process.

The full report discusses the spectacular pace of new home sales among the top master-planned communities this past year, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, and explore the forces behind that strong performance. Total new home sales among this year’s 50 Top-Selling Master-Planned Communities (MPCs) in the country were 20% higher than last year’s list. Communities in this year’s Top-50 report for which sales data was available in 2019 had an average increase in sales of 40% in 2020! Back in 2019 RCLCO forecast that the 2020’s would be a strong decade for MPC home sales and the 2020 pace bears that out.

TBG projects included on the list:

06. Valley Vista (Nevada)
About the project: This community is predicated on connections to community and nature in a way that celebrates the desert environment and surrounding mountains.

15. Sienna (Houston-area)
About the project: We’ve worked on Sienna since the mid-90s! Our planning and design has created a cohesive identity for the community, allowing for flexibility as the community and its residents evolve.

24. Union Park (North Texas)
About the project: TBG led the planning and visioning effort to create the look and feel for this 1,100 acre community; the community concept places wellness and outdoor interaction at the forefront with an extensive parks and open space connecting neighborhoods and providing many opportunities for gathering.

30. Easton Park (Austin)
About the project: Easton Park prioritizes the type of connected outdoor lifestyle for which Austin is well known, and showcases the value of multidisciplinary partnership united by a shared vision.

36. Valley Ranch (San Antonio)
About the project: This community showcases the benefit of a great client who understands the value of the end user’s experience through thoughtful amenities that enrich lives.

38. Pecan Square (North Texas)
About the project: Conceived through an interactive multiday workshop process, Pecan Square pays homage to the simple, resourceful, shared lifestyle experience that prioritizes a slower pace and respect for the land.