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texas mutual insurance headquarters – austin, texas

Located within Mueller, TMI’s new home consolidates 800 workers into a new, flexible, amenity-rich, culturally representative workspace. The project team first conducted an extensive interview and survey of TMI leadership and staff to understand their space needs, how departments work, etc. Next, TBG conducted a series of sunlight, shadow and climate analyses using 3D architectural tools, gaining a nuanced understanding of how the spaces would feel, intensity of sunlight/shade, and thus which plants were suitable for specific spaces, at varying times of day and throughout the year. The project includes a five-story office building and adjacent parking garage that enclose a large central courtyard accessible to the public from two entry points; it accommodates all sizes of group collaboration. The garage walls are being treated as living walls with varying climbing plants, and a roof terrace provides work/leisure space with downtown views.

client: Texas Mutual Insurance

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oracle – austin, texas

Oracle’s waterfront campus enjoys a symbiotic relationship with Austin’s culture and physical environment. It embraces the city’s values — love of nature, fitness and outdoor activities — in form and function, and reverberates those values back through stewardship, connections to nature and public realm enhancements. Located on the south shores of Lady Bird Lake just east of downtown, the campus needed exceptional allure to draw premier talent. Its location, graceful connection to the Austin fabric, and premier employee amenities and outdoor spaces were integral aspects. The technology giant embraced the Austin ethos and preserved multiple heritage trees that were transplanted on site, along with reforestation/revegetation efforts, and improved connectivity to the adjacent Butler hike-and-bike trail.

client: Ryan Companies

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bryan tower – dallas, texas

The entry experience of downtown Dallas’ Bryan Tower is receiving a substantial upgrade — in a way that provides inviting outdoor space for building tenants and a welcoming plaza for daily use by the public. The enhanced plaza design embraces and celebrates Bryan Tower’s distinctive aesthetics — particularly in terms of materiality — and accommodates outdoor dining and leisure in a welcoming space with custom furniture, signage and trellis. The plaza design acts as an extension of the building through the use of exposed metals, distinctive I-beams and integration of the trademark bronze hues for which the tower is known, and the project reclaims unused streetscape to create new exterior amenities for building tenants and future retail uses. Located adjacent to a trolley stop and DART station, the plaza will provide a welcoming space for all downtown denizens in a busy urban setting, and an angular design motif and radiating patterns will help draw people into the space.

client: Spire Realty

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energy center – houston, texas

A premier corporate campus in Houston’s Energy Corridor, Energy Center is a multifunctional, pedestrian-oriented corporate environment designed to accommodate high-volume storms as well as outdoor gatherings of all sizes. Comprised of upscale high-rise office towers, Energy Center provides a pedestrian-oriented work environment that accommodates large assemblies, small break-out areas and more intimate spaces for individual contemplation. Linear promenades connect the campus internally and organize water features and other site elements, including amenity ponds that provide stormwater detention and enhance the campus’ visual character. Exterior plazas blend seamlessly with the building’s interior lobbies, creating a unified feel inside and out, and terraces were designed to accommodate varying flood stage levels.

client: Trammel Crow Company

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the center for pursuit – houston, texas

In the rapidly transforming EaDo neighborhood, TBG is working with Gensler Architects to develop a new campus for The Center for Pursuit, a non-profit organization located in Houston, Texas. The goal of the new campus is to advance their mission to promote the pursuit of choice, growth, and personal independence for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. One of the key strategies for accomplishing this is through the seamless integration into the surrounding urban context. By integrating the public realm and streetscape as well as creating open spaces that invite community participation, it in turn provides a safe space for residents to engage with their community. In an effort to continue The Center’s long legacy, the mixed-use development also aims to embrace the neighborhood character through the re-use of materials from the existing campus.

client: Gensler

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city of austin planning & development center – austin, texas

The municipal department focused on making Austin the most livable city in the country has a new home, making that job much more efficient, comfortable and collaborative. Located in the 80-acre Highland District, The City of Austin Planning & Development Center consolidates multiple offices and disunited development services into a unified work environment on 5.1 acres. Informed by in-depth site inventory and analysis, the project’s design creates an inviting working environment for City of Austin staff, citizens and community experts to help shape Austin’s future development, teach sustainable best practices and provide a community forum for creative problem solving in development and design. The landscape prioritizes native plant and building materials, Austin’s aesthetic and creative spirit, and outdoor spaces that encourage collaboration.

client: City of Austin

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