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Get to Know Austin Hicks, TBG San Antonio’s Newest Member

Austin Hicks

Austin Hicks, Associate at TBG, recently made the move from Dallas to join our San Antonio studio. We sat down with him to learn more about his passions, his approach to design — and his excitement to be back in the Alamo City.

Question: How did you find landscape architecture?

Austin: My father is a Landscape Architect and my mother helped to manage the business, so I had the benefit of growing up around landscape architecture and being exposed to it my whole life. I remember going out to tag trees, walk paths for future trails, visiting sites of future public open spaces, or just hanging around the office and drawing with the A&D markers from the snickers boombox tin.

Question: Why are you passionate about it?

Austin: The most exciting thing (and it’s said all the time) is getting to see an idea come into reality. Seeing the process of a sketch, into a construction document, then becoming built work that can be enjoyed by the public.

Question: Which of your projects has been the most rewarding and why?

Austin: A few years back I worked on a pro-bono effort for the non-profit organization Bonton Farms in Dallas, Texas. Coming up with design ideas for the outdoor spaces and a planting palette for ‘The Market’ and getting to see how those design suggestions have been executed and evolved over time as the organization has grown has been extremely rewarding.

Now that I am back in San Antonio and getting to work on high profile projects where I grew up, I am excited about the chance to take my family and friends to all the projects we have that will be completed in the next few years.

Question: What aspect of San Antonio are you most excited about?

Austin: Getting to share the spaces TBG is working on with my family and reconnecting with old friends.

Question: How do you see landscape architecture changing in the next decade?

Austin: With the COVID pandemic highlighting the importance of quality open spaces on a global stage, I see landscape architects acting as positive catalysts for enhancing the quality of life in public spaces. Whether that is in the form of renovating a downtown plaza or creating a larger scale park, the ability of landscape architects to provide spaces that encourage social, environmental, and economic equity.

Question: How do you approach design? Which part of the design process are you most excited about?

Austin: It is a cliché answer, but I get excited by all aspects of design. Admittedly, straight out of school I was most intrigued with the schematic and conceptual design process, but as I’ve grown over the last six years and had the opportunity to work on all phases of projects, I have come to enjoy the opportunities and challenges that can be presented throughout the design process. Always trying to achieve the best design solution for the specific project, I aim to approach design with an open mind and positive attitude.

Question: How do you spend your free time?

Austin: I currently spend my free time with family, working on my eighty-six-year-old house, and planning a wedding and future with my fiancée.

Question: Favorite sports team?

Austin: San Antonio Spurs and Fightin’ Texas Aggies

Question: Favorite color?

Austin: Blue

Question: Favorite dessert?

Austin: Red Velvet Cheesecake

Question: Favorite drink?

Austin: Topo Chico – with a twist of lime

Question: Favorite food?

Austin: Breakfast tacos from The Original Donut Shop