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From Dallas News: Plano’s 20-year-old Granite Park project is getting a makeover with more pedestrian features


We’re working with Granite Properties to improve their Plano headquarters. Upgrades that will be made at the campus will further unify the mixed use campus through traffic calming measures, expanded entertainment amenities, and active recreation opportunities.

“One of the projects we are working on right now is we are rebuilding several of the crosswalks within Granite Park to create traffic calming,” David Cunningham, with Granite, said. “We are expanding the boardwalk now to create a musical stage on the south side of the water feature so the boardwalk can become an entertainment feature. We are using less than 70 percent of the parking spaces we build. At Granite Park right now we literally have on any given day 2,000 empty parking spots that sit unused. We want to stop building parking spots people aren’t using.”

For more on the project, please visit Dallas Morning News, who covered the story first.