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Earl Broussard

pla; clarb; LEED AP; ICA certified facilitator
principal / founder
Harvard University; Louisiana State University

The eponymous founder of TBG Partners, Earl has enjoyed a prolific career that has included working on distinguished projects around the world, teaching landscape architecture at Texas A&M University and his alma mater, Louisiana State University, and serving in state-level positions with the Texas Historical Commission and Texas Board of Architectural Examiners. Earl was honored by the American Society of Landscape Architects in 2010 when he was elevated to its Council of Fellows. Earl is a gifted storyteller and lover of history who established a rich Cajun-inspired culture that still distinguishes the firm to this day.

Born and raised on the bayous of Baton Rouge, Earl grew up shoeless until he was 8 and saved his pet dog from the belly of an alligator. To this day he maintains: give a man a pair of shoes, his feet will stay dry; teach a man to walk, he’ll go places.