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TBG wins CLIDE award for burleson plaza


TBG’s Mayor Vera Calvin Park in Old Town of Burleson, Texas was recently bestowed a CLIDE Award, which represents celebrating leadership in development excellence. We are extremely honored to have received the award and been deemed deserving by a nationally recognized jury of experts from the architecture, urban planning, and development industries.

The CLIDE Award application was submitted by the City of Burleson and specifically for its category of special development, which recognizes projects that demonstrate one or two of the Center of Development Excellence’s Principles of Development Excellence, but which are outstanding in their promotion of those selected principles.

Of the 26 applicants, Burleson Plaza “was identified by the jurors as one that greatly exemplifies one or more of the Principles of Development Excellence, and one that they feel provides an example of Development Excellence in the North Central Texas region.” TBG was further recognized at the North Central Texas Council of Governments’ (NCTCOG) annual General Assembly for the award.

The Mayor Vera Calvin Plaza in Old Town has been touted as the City’s “front lawn,” and TBG’s involvement in creating a space so central to the community is very humbling and rewarding– even more so to be recognized for it by the North Central Texas Council of Governments.