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one firm, many voices // harrison albrecht


With a background in higher education, it’s no surprise our Graphics Coordinator, Harrison Albrecht, is teaching us a lot about what it takes to win work and look our best. He sits on our Marketing team in the Austin office, so most of you have not likely had the chance to meet him in person which is a real shame. On top of his amazing graphic sense, he’s really funny and interesting.

Before joining TBG, Harrison worked at Texas State University. When he was looking for a new opportunity, he found that TBG’s purpose aligned with his values, so he took the leap and moved to Austin. In his role as Graphics Coordinator, Harrison is responsible for creating and supporting the visual versions of our brand, messaging, and communications. While he is working toward creating more original content for us, his day-to-day involves creating responses that win us projects and ensure our brand is incorporated ever so smartly. Aren’t we lucky! Keep reading for 20 questions with Harrison.

1. What do you love most about your work?
My creative process is rooted in the organization of ideas and objects. I find a lot of value in arranging content that communicates the value of TBG.

2. What is the biggest challenge to your role? Greatest challenge to the profession.
The biggest and greatest challenge to my role and the profession is confronting systemic bias, injustice and racism. Until those beliefs and behaviors are addressed at a national and institutional level, ideas with even the best of intentions can and will continue to lead to dark consequences for BIPOC.

3. Describe your design philosophy in two lines
Less is more. But more is good too.

4. How would you like to see your career evolve in the next 1, 3, and 5 years?
_More involved in strategic decision making
_Develop an ability to zoom even further out to think bigger picture

5. What are your three biggest career and leadership strengths?
01_imaginative yet decisive
02_ambitious but private
03_curious and focused

6. What’s your favorite movie line?
What is this?!? A center for ants?!? How can we be expected to teach children to learn how to read if they can’t even fit inside the building? – Zoolander

7. You have $100 to burn, all your friends are busy, and you have the whole day to yourself, what do you do?
Spend $100 on $1 scratch-offs and then stay home all day with my dog who is also my friend but won’t be busy.

8. What should they teach in school, but don’t?
Personal finances

9. List the one song (only one) that you play at full volume whenever it comes on the radio
I Would Die 4 U – Prince

10. Describe what you were like at age 10.
My family would say that I was “difficult to wake-up” and also the first to fall asleep on road trips. I was a little mischievous too and enjoyed a well-thought-out prank – something that still holds true. A prank can usually be measured by the strength of the reaction and I once used a hole-puncher to cover my twin’s ceiling fan to make it snow. It was very successful, one of my best, from what I remember. I also liked stuff that most kids at that age do – riding bikes and playing outside, Star Wars, hanging out with friends, gathering the family around the tv to watch the NFL Draft, and eating snow cones.

11. What would surprise people to know about you?
My mom was in the first group of women admitted into the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M. At that point it had only been a decade since women were even admitted to the university, so in many ways she was on the front lines for gender equality. By her senior year, she was commanding officer in her unit. Many cruel things were done to her and the women of her unit, but when she talks about it she doesn’t complain. I’m very proud of her and inspired by her determination through those challenging times.

12. What was your worst job ever?
I had a summer job in middle school making animal scat and track molds for museums/parks. It was actually pretty fun and it gave me a peek behind the curtain of how things get produced. It’s through that job that I discovered my love for the low-stakes wager. I’d bet on football games with my boss to decide who bought Taco Bell. However, I spent a lot of my time melting hot plastic in a small shed without air conditioning in the heat of summer, so it got pretty brutal in there. Would definitely do again though.

13. What are two things you know you should know how to do but don’t?
_Use a professional camera
_Drive a stick-shift

14. What motivates and inspires you?
Coming up with creative ideas to improve something, or make something new

15. What words describe you when you are at your best? Less than your best?
Best – passionate, imaginative, pragmatic
Worst – fixated, self-deprecating, sleepy

16. List out what you would like to be remembered for after you’re gone (i.e. What would be written on your tombstone?).
Voted “Most Friendly” CHS ‘09
Voted “Least Friendly” Bailey, my twin

17. What do you do when you’re up against an obstacle or barrier?
I try to clear my head with autonomous tasks like walking or driving. For me it can be really helpful to get a quick change of scenery and reactivate the brain to get that breakthrough with a challenge.

18. What are two personal habits that have served you well?
_Everything in moderation
_Setting aside time to recharge and reflect

19. How do you define happiness in your career and life?
Being part of a community and accomplishing things that are valuable and important to me

20. Ask me about_____ (something you love to talk about)
_InDesign and Typography
_Graphic Designer Peter Saville and Factory Records