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TBG presents: WLAM x TBG Film Festival

April is here, and with it comes the celebration of World Landscape Architecture Month!

Landscape architecture not only connects people to each other, the natural world around us, and the communities in which we live, but it also offers us an opportunity to inspire ourselves and others to live more intentional lives, caring for each other and the environment.

We’re excited to announce the launch of WLAM x TBG Film Festival – a five-part video series that delves into the emotions evoked by landscape architecture. In this series, we’re thinking beyond design boundaries, seeking to share the transformational impact of the LA profession.

Follow along every Monday as we release a new video, each one offering a unique perspective on the power of landscapes to shape our lives and emotions.

Join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #WLAM2024.

04.01 – First up is “One Firm,” featuring TBG President Bill Odle and Director of Design Nicole Warns. #ThisIsLandscapeArchitecture


04.08 – WLAM x TBG Film Festival latest installment is here – “Designs for Adaptation” featuring TBG Principal Yixiao Liu explores the importance of landscape architecture adapting to environmental changes and the evolving needs of our communities. #Collaboration

04.15 – Dive into the heart of Austin’s identity through the lens of the Alliance Children’s Garden project with Senior Associate Adam Shriver. #Parks

04.22 – Every design tells a story—a narrative that weaves together the diverse experiences, aspirations, and identities of a community. Enjoy “Designs for Community,” featuring Houston Senior Associate Jessica Jacobs. #Biodiversity

04.29 – Uniting the connections between people, mission, and landscape architecture together, we’re thrilled to unveil the final video concluding TBG’s World Landscape Architecture Month series.  

At the heart of this narrative lies the journey to crafting a haven for introspection. TBG Managing Principal, Elaine Kearney, alongside Joseph Nespral, President and CEO of Texas Organ Sharing Alliance (TOSA), share insights into the unfolding of the TOSA campus design. Together, the shared vision sought to embrace the preciousness and depth of emotions that each individual brings to the space, fostering empathy and connection. #Team


In the creation of memorable places, we recognize the importance of connection, adaptation, community, and inspiration. Landscape architecture serves as a gateway to inclusivity, offering designs that not only honor the planet but also resonate deeply with the human spirit.  Thank you for joining us for the first WLAM x TBG Film Festival! Continue to follow along in our efforts to share the transformational impact of the LA profession.