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featured on KCBD News | City staff present the final design of the proposed downtown civic park to the city council

Elaine Kearney

From KCBD…

City of Lubbock staff presented the final design for the proposed downtown civic park to council members. The plan is for that park to be located where the former LP&L building is now, off Broadway.

This proposal is part of Lubbock’s Downtown Master Plan, which is designed to revitalize the Central Business District. It is estimated to cost nearly $6 million, which the city plans to get through fundraisers and donations.

Elaine Kearney, the Managing Principal at TBG Partners, explains the first tier of their plan, which they are calling the base scope. “Our base scope would be, we think, for the most part, everything you would need to have an amazing park on day one.”

This base scope focuses on everything from the curb of the site, inward. This would include a stage, restrooms, and even a water feature, which Lubbock citizens said is very important.

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