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Evolution by Design


Jim Manskey is featured this month on Please enjoy a short excerpt below and then visit Land8 to read the full article.

Great leadership is integral to the success of any business, particularly in a service industry, and leadership transition, while inevitable, is often not planned for nor adequately considered. No one lives or works forever. It’s an existential dilemma for a design consultancy: How to facilitate new leadership and preserve the cherished corporate culture — while also committing to and evolving a firm for the next generation?

For TBG Partners, founded in 1987 by Earl Broussard, this process necessitated designing a transition plan from a sole proprietorship to a legacy practice — with deep consideration given to issues of ownership, purpose, leadership and work. Specific aspects included determining how to transfer years of equity and ensure generational ownership transition, determining what role purpose should play in making legacy decisions, deciding what role leadership should have in a reframed future, and planning to evolve the practice aspect for the future while delivering on the firm’s purpose.

For the full article, please visit Land8!