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TBG wins two H-GAC Awards


We are so excited to finally share our good news with you! Last Fall we received two H-GAC Parks and Natural Areas Awards for our work on The Parish School and Alief Jefferson Early Learning Center!

The Parish School
special recognition

The key elements of The Parish School encompass a transformational approach to learning, featuring outdoor classrooms and diverse engagement zones that cater to various activities, from motor skill development to art and sensory experiences. Native plantings and wildlife support enhanced outdoor learning. Play areas encourage responsible risk-taking and authentic nature connections, while water play is redefined as an immersive experience. Sustainability principles are integrated, with native plants, reduced lawn areas, and a bioswale for rainwater management. The project meets the school’s objectives and promotes inclusivity and ecological awareness, creating a holistic and enriching space for children to thrive.

Alief Jefferson Early Learning Center
honorable mention

Positioned at the heart of Alief ISD, this pioneering school caters to 4 and 5-year-olds, redefining early education in an underserved area. The project revolves around a central building serving as the backbone, with “villages” housing classrooms extending outward. Two expansive courtyards emulate Texas landscapes, fostering exploration and connecting to art and music classrooms. An exterior courtyard, trailheads, native prairie zones, and bioswales enhance the learning environment and offer public enjoyment. This holistic approach nurtures intellectual growth and a deep appreciation for Texas’ diverse landscapes, enriching the educational experience for both students and the broader community.

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