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TBG in Landscape Architecture Magazine | January 2021 Issue


I have always considered social media to be a social experiment. Meaning, that people will inevitably change how they interact with and consume media from day to day, month to month, and generation to generation. The most fascinating aspect of social media is that it never remains the same.

Many of society’s flaws were revealed, online and offline, in 2020 – from heightened tension surrounding race relations and climate change, to a still-uncontrolled pandemic – all of which has moved our lives online. Our role as landscape architects in helping solve these crises is non-negotiable and understand our obligation as a profession to publicly advocate for environmental & social justice in the built environment moving forward – and social media will be one of the avenues for this important discourse.

Landscape Architecture Magazine’s January issue spotlights how several firms are utilizing social media for marketing in the era of physical isolation and we’re excited to be included.

From Landscape Architecture Magazine…

“Social media’s big reach for us, when we talk about [a return on investment], is really about [investing in] our next generation of clients,” explains Bill Odle, ASLA, the president of TBG and a principal in the Houston office. “They may not be cutting the checks today, but they will be in the future.” The “new normal” created by COVID-19—remote work, virtual meetings, community engagement facilitated via platforms like Facebook Live—only makes social media that much more vital.

“Pre-COVID, there were so many landscape architecture firms that were not on social media, and some of them are still not,” Saunders says. “As this world changes, being on social media will be critical. It’s no longer optional.”

To read the full article, please visit their site or download the print version here.