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waterloo greenway creek show 2023


The concept for the installation, created by designers Nolan Stone and Ryan Blair, pays homage to the local flora and fauna within Waller Creek while creating a sense of the wild.

the vision:

In a rapidly urbanizing world, our few remaining wild places exist in the form of creeks and greenbelts. “Into the wild” is a plea for wilder cities that highlights the life that still exists within. Often neglected, urban creeks offer one of the few opportunities to connect with nature for its visitors and residents alike. The flora and fauna that reside in these spaces have existed here long before humans and the resilient remainders were required to adapt to human development. Once the daylight wanes and the moonlight illuminates the water, the creek comes alive reminding us to what once was and what could be.

blackland prairie flora and fauna

The design utilizes illuminated floating elements and a dynamic LED lighting system to resemble the creek wildlife. Lights will be placed along the bank to mimic critter’s eyes at night.

Sketch exploring design ideas.

Sketch exploring build options.

site between 11th and 12th street | west of red river street | south of waterloo park

The constant ebb and flow of energy in life will be emulated using the lights within the exhibit. Horizontal movement of color within the buoys will not only represent the movement of our native riparian vegetation, but also the movement of energy throughout the natural living world. Additionally, the presence of fauna within the riparian vegetation can be emulated with the usage of the passing through/presence of wildlife within the watershed.

Diagram demonstrating how the sequencing can be accomplished utilizing a control circuitry.

The completed installations will be open to the public from November 10-18, 2023. Click here to see the full list of this year’s selected artists and installations.

Sponsored by: Texas Disposal Systems