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Two TBG Projects Featured on ASLA’s The Field Blog | Urban Villages, Town Design, New Urbanism: Where Does Landscape Architecture Stand?

Catherine Saunders

Two TBG projects were recently highlighted in an article written by Thomas Schurch for ASLA’s The Field blog. The article discusses the role that the profession of landscape architecture has to play in urban design.

Landscape architecture has remarkable bona fides in the practice of urban design, and practitioners and students of landscape architecture continuously embrace this important dimension of the profession. Recognition of this fact is reflected in the ASLA’s recent adoption of urban design as a separate category in the national awards program for practitioners and students. Of course, urban design is a competitive endeavor in the greater environmental planning and design community, and landscape architecture—while offering much regarding urban form in the twenty-first century—is a relatively small profession.

However, a compelling case can be made that of the three professions sharing urban design “ownership,” landscape architecture has the most to offer in our emerging “green century.” In this respect, the range of urban design the profession engages in is enormous and can be the subject of a separate article. Nevertheless, one significant example of this range is the focus of this post, and comes under different and somewhat synonymous headings, e.g., urban villages, neighborhood design, new towns, community design, and what Kevin Lynch referred to as “city design.”

To read the rest of the article, please visit The Field.