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TBG wins three Texas ASLA Awards

Lindsay Londrigan

We are so excited to finally share our good news with you! This year we were awarded three Texas ASLA Awards! Alliance Children’s Garden, Texas Organ Sharing Alliance and Downtown Lubbock Master Plan Update & New Civic Park all received Merit Awards.

Alliance Children’s Garden, Austin, Texas
Design Constructed – Public Spaces

It’s Austin’s epicenter of play for all children — and all those with fearless child-like imaginations. Located adjacent to the iconic Doug Sahm Hill and Liz Carpenter Fountain, the Alliance Children’s Garden represents the final phase of Town Lake Park’s multiyear development — and the 20-year development effort is ending with a flourish. Drawing from the surrounding cultural and natural context, the park design promotes imaginative exploration through immersive features, including distinctive arrangements of locally sourced limestone and hills mimicking the Edwards Aquifer’s rare qualities. Elements like a rock and slide valley, oversized fire ants, life-sized chess, sand play and original works of art and music will celebrate Austin’s rich heritage in an irresistible way.

Texas Organ Sharing Alliance, San Antonio, Texas
Design Constructed – Corporate

At the new home for the Texas Organ Sharing Alliance (TOSA) in San Antonio’s South Texas Medical Center, the outdoor environment embodies the organization’s mission: saving lives through the power of organ donation. The memorial garden is organized around a central event lawn, graceful steel walls known as the Wall of Heroes that recognizes the sacrifice of thousands of donors (by individual name) on shimmering medallions, plantings and a looping circulation pathway. From TOSA employees to recipients to families of donors, the garden is special place for every visitor. For some, it’s a space to inspire and de-stress in a stressful environment and for others, it’s a place to heal and reflect.

Downtown Lubbock Master Plan Update & New Civic Park, Lubbock, Texas
Planning & Analysis 

The Downtown Lubbock Master Plan and new Civic Park serve as a model for small & mid-sized cities. Through the deliberate integration of landscape architecture and urban design, the consultant team established a unified, actionable Master Plan with phased implementation occurring over ten years.

Throughout the planning process, Lubbock’s citizens voiced a desire for a public open space suitable for civic gatherings and recreation. Included in Phase One, the Master Plan introduces a new, civic-scaled park space, responding to the need for an iconic hub. Following the adoption of the Master Plan in 2020, the City swiftly pursued the design of the new Civic Park, which builds upon previous plans for revitalizing Downtown Lubbock and is intended to stimulate future mixed-use development.