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TBG wins four Texas ASLA Awards


We are so excited to finally share our good news with you! This year we picked up four Texas ASLA Merit Awards!

Oracle Phase 1
Design Constructed – Institutional, Corporate or Commercial

Oracle’s waterfront campus enjoys a symbiotic relationship with Austin’s culture and physical environment. It embraces the city’s values — love of nature, fitness and outdoor activities — in form and function, and reverberates those values back through stewardship, connections to nature and public realm enhancements. The technology giant embraced the Austin ethos and transplanted multiple heritage trees on site, along with reforestation/revegetation efforts, and improved connectivity to the adjacent Butler hike-and-bike trail.

Exploration Park
Design Constructed – Public

Neighborhood kids would spend all day at Exploration Park if they could — and they’re learning valuable lessons about natural sciences while they play. It’s whimsical and immersive, prompting return visits for families, and the entire playground concept is based on water, with hands-on learning opportunities for park patrons of all ages. Features like a giant berm in the shape of water ripples, a xylophone bridge, an interactive water wall depicting the rain cycle and other features make learning fun — and interpretive signage presents key concepts in a lucid manner to aid comprehension.

Wetland Park at Riverstone
Design Constructed – Public

A celebration of simpler times and the land’s natural heritage, Riverstone’s Wetland Park connects kids to nature in a way that inspires simple play — and getting a little dirty. Created from a parcel of flat land in partnership with a biologist, the wetland park is a rich ecosystem full of thriving aquatic plants, bald cypress domes, interactive features, and animals like egrets, fish and frogs. Engaging elements like a mud pie kitchen, targets in ponds for skipping stones, pathways of partially submerged rocks, trails, and interpretive signage promote learning through play.

Five Mile Creek Urban Greenbelt Master Plan
Planning and Analysis

The Five Mile Creek Urban Greenbelt Master Plan represents the power of realizing community voices in planning connected green urban corridors. This Master Plan harnesses landscape architecture to connect a Dallas community to opportunities for upward mobility. Five Mile Creek passes though Dallas’ last remaining heritage landscapes, untouched by the cycle of development. The Five Mile Creek Master Plan is the first step in providing communities with a roadmap of how inclusive urban design can be transformative to the social, economic, and environmental wellbeing of the people they serve.

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