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TBG at ULI Fall Meeting 2022


From October 24-27, members of TBG will be attending, leading and participating in Urban Land Institute’s 2022 Fall Meeting in Dallas. We hope you’ll join us for rewarding discussions, networking and exciting tours of new projects. Below you can find information about which TBGers you might run into and will have the opportunity to hear from.

Adapt or Die: Repositioning Real Estate in Dallas’s Urban CoreRoss DeVault

Downtown Dallas has experienced immense growth the past two decades, but not without great effort from planners, investors, nonprofits and public/private partnership. Local TBGer Ross DeVault will be speaking on this topic and how collaboration with landscape architects and planners among other professionals is vital to reaching a shared vision.

Monday, October 24th | 8:15am – 4:00pm | TOUR

Sustainability to Lifestyle: How to Deliver the Next-Generation Master-Planned CommunityMark Meyer

TBG Chairman of the Board Mark Meyer will lead participants through three award-winning, top selling masterplanned communities. This includes Painted Tree, Windsong Ranch and Home of PGA of America.

Monday, October 24th | 9:30am – 5:00pm | TOUR

Location, Location, Location: Transforming Aging Community Infrastructure to Create Thriving Village CentersRobert Acuña-Pilgrim

Organized and lead by TBG Director of Planning Robert Acuña-Pilgrim, this tour will visit two neighborhoods transformed by the work of planning. The first stop is mixed-use development Preston Hollow Village followed by garden-style multifamily outpost, The Village.

Monday, October 24th | 10:00am – 4:30pm | TOUR

Rails to Trails: Bikes and BrewsJodi House

With the organizational assistance of TBG Principal Jodi House, this tour will explore the highly popular Katy Trail. Home to 50 miles of connectivity to nature, retail and restaurants, the Katy Trail is embedded in the Dallas lifestyle.

Tuesday, October 25th | 1:00pm – 2:00pm | Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, D221 | SESSION

Green = Gold; Parks, Trails, Open Space as a Catalyst for Generating Economic ValueRoss DeVault

This discussion will apply to Dallas’s renaissance of planning and its three measurable areas of success: social infrastructure, environmental services, and economic activity. Ross DeVault worked as a panel designer for this topic and will attend the event.

TBG attendees will also be meeting with the below councils Tuesday through Wednesday while at ULI:

Mark Meyer – Community Development Council

Robert Acuña-Pilgrim – National Urban Revitalization Council

Bill Odle – National Public Private Partnership Council

We are so excited to be participating in this year’s ULI Fall Meeting and be given the opportunity to connect and learn from other industry professionals!

Let’s connect!

Mark Meyer: [469] 371-6665 |

Robert Acuña-Pilgirm: [512] 608-7918 |

Ross DeVault: [630] 373-7677 |

Jodi House: [214] 909-7782 |

Bill Odle: [713] 825-1993 |