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new project photography for brava


Completed in 2022, Brava is one of downtown Houston’s newest upscale residential development with stunning panoramic views and highly desired amenities. The 10th floor is home to an outdoor kitchen and garden as well as one of the largest multi-family rooftop pools. On the 44th floor residents are able to enjoy even more amenities on outdoor lounge areas.

Here, Brava dwellers can revel in all their home has to offer with connection to nearby Market Square Park and the Buffalo Bayou Greenway trails thanks to thoughtful integration of indoor and outdoor spaces.

Design forms of the building façade and interior extend into the landscape to make thoughtful spaces. At the ground floor, curved walls inspired by the skin and shape of the building are used to form a generous urban plaza at the front door with curated views to Market Square Park, located across the street. Adjacent to the main entry is a grove of trees with loose seating to observe the daily life of active streets, while feeling semi-private and shaded from the heat of a Houston summer. The space is also proposed to support a rotating sculpture installation to display the work of local student artists.

The amenity deck is located on the 10th floor and is home to the primary outdoor living spaces for residents. Programming of the deck was inspired by the theater district surrounding the project, evoking creative inspired living. Designed fully in Revit, utilizing this software allowed the design team to discover and seamlessly coordinate additional areas of the depth to support expanded sun-shelf area, resulting in one of the largest multi-family rooftop pools. While the pool is the visual icon, additional outdoor rooms were designed to provide a variety of opportunities for gathering and entertaining. An outdoor kitchen, garden, outdoor fitness, firepit, and sculpture coalesce to form a sleek, cohesive aesthetic for residents to experience and enjoy. The deck is filled with seating to accommodate visitors, too – from bar tops to sofas to chairs. It is a truly comfortable space.

Enjoy our new project photography for Brava shot by Andrea Calo.