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Grand Opening of Skyline Park in Austin


Image source: Easton Park Master Planned Community | Skyline Park | Brookfield Residential Properties

Skyline Park is open

Austin’s newest 21-acre park is now open to the public. The grand opening on May 4th brought over 4,000 visitors. Skyline Park has some of the best views of downtown Austin that can be experienced at various locations throughout the park. Glimpses of the skyline can be seen from the deep eddy inspired splash pad, community pavilion, central green space, zipline, and multi-generational play areas.

The park’s different zones are connected by a pedestrian bridge that pulls inspiration from Austin’s famous Pennybacker Bridge. The two main playscapes were designed in collaboration with Earthscapes. Made almost entirely of wood, the playscape stands tall with two towering sets of stacked houses, inviting children to explore, climb, and unleash their imaginations.

Harmonious Design

Skyline Point is the highest point on the site and features a kinetic wind sculpture, Singing Mountain, by local artist Nicholas DeBruyne. The artist worked with local wind chime company Music of the Spheres to choose three complementary tones that make a harmonious chord when played together.

About Easton Park Community

Skyline Park is part of the Easton Park community, a Brookfield Residential urban master-planned development located 10 miles southeast of downtown Austin. prioritizes the type of connected outdoor lifestyle for which Austin is well known — and showcases the value of multidisciplinary partnership united by a shared vision. The integration of reclaimed materials and art in the landscape, as well as stylish branding, give Easton Park a distinctive and welcoming character.

Visit: 7604 Solari Dr, Austin, Texas 78744

Stay Connected: For updates on future events at Skyline Park, visit Easton Park’s website.