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Emotion Mosaic on view at UMLAUF

Jingyi Hu

The annual lighting design competition, Design Shine, hosted by UMLAUF Sculpture Garden + Museum (UMLAUF) and AIA Austin, unveils a mesmerizing display of emerging talent. Among the winning projects, TBG’s Hythus Hu and Ian Dippo present “Emotion Mosaic,” an exploration of human expression. 

Design Inspiration 

Human facial expressions, a universal language that transcends barriers, serve as the foundation for Emotion Mosaic. This installation bekons viewers to actively shape and reshape an illuminated face, fostering a connection that goes beyond words. As participants engage with the piece, we are reminded that our individual experiences, though unique, are what bind us together in the tapestry of life. It is a celebration of the individuality of emotions, a reminder that no two smiles or tears are ever the same. In the flickering interplay of light and shadow, we find solace in each individual uniqueness, echoing that no two people in the world share the same happiness and sorrow.   

Location and Interaction 

Nestled strategically between two statuary figures of eternal expression, the installation is thoughtfully placed to provide visibility and diverse perspectives. The interplay of light and shadow mirrors the flickering nature of emotions, highlighting the distinct happiness and sorrow that defines each individual. Emotion Mosaic encourages interaction, fostering a sense of community and understanding. 

Hythus shares, “I love seeing people show different understanding and explore the possibilities of this piece. It’s beautiful to see our work getting people to linger and start a conversation with strangers.” 

Visit and Experience 

Experience all the Design Shine lighting installations at UMLAUF from December 5, 2023, to April 1, 2024. Check out UMLAUF’s website for hours and admission. 

Special thanks to Mizner Design, Pink Dirt, ERT Lighting & Sales Inc., Felipe Gómez, Okkem Design, and TBG for their generous support, making the realization of Emotion Mosaic possible.