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Sean Compton

pla; LEED AP; Txdot precertification, 1.4.1 land planning/engineering
Texas A&M University

An accomplished planner, urban designer and landscape architect, Sean Compton is a TBG Principal and Director of Planning based in the firm’s Austin office. He brings more than 35 years of diverse professional experience to each project he touches and has dedicated many years to promoting conservation and advancing sustainable development through projects and planning efforts across Texas. These efforts include working with municipalities throughout the state — particularly in Central Texas — as well as with non-profit organizations to promote sustainable best practices, walkable and livable communities connected to nature, and to establish enduring developments across the transect from compact, walkable communities to rural communities to preservation of conservation lands. As both an advocate for and practitioner of sustainable urbanism, Sean helps establish conservation easements on sensitive lands, works collaboratively with progressive developers to create conservation-focused developments, and leads multidisciplinary teams through the design of context-sensitive, ecologically focused developments with native aesthetic character.

Sean grew up in a military family, which introduced him to distinctive destinations and cultures around the world, including coastal California, Berlin, Tokyo and Panama, among others. During middle school in Panama, his family spent every weekend sailing, skin diving and spearfishing, in Caribbean coral reefs as well as Pacific waters, and those scenes of sailing to nearby islands and swimming in pristine settings are enduringly etched in his memory.