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Jim Manskey

pla; clarb
Texas A&M University

Jim was the second president of TBG Partners and serves on the Board of Directors, providing visionary leadership for all aspects of the firm’s practice as well as strategic operations and business development. He has helped guide TBG toward a more performance-based practice as well as key focus on the environment’s impact on the human experience. Jim brings 30-plus years of wide-ranging experience to each project and excels at creating a unique sense of place that responds to the site, local culture and community context. He also serves on the Landscape Architecture Foundation Board, which connects him with other industry leaders across the nation to advance and promote the profession.

Jim grew up in Irving, Texas in a newly developing area with woods and adjacent creek, which became a cherished place to play with friends from sunrise to sunset. A high school maintenance job at his father’s medical clinic instilled an appreciation for working outside, and a memorable journey from Rome south to Sicily fostered an affinity for the extraordinary landscapes, hospitality and culture throughout Italy.