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Greg Nichols

principal / chief technology officer
Texas State University

As Chief Technology Officer, Greg leads TBG’s four-person technology team and represents this critical focus area on the firm’s Management Committee. On a daily basis he and his team keep TBG’s operations afloat and help facilitate successful execution of everything from data collection, information sharing and design tools to security, innovation, software and hardware. Like a detective, Greg enjoys the challenge of solving problems, both big and small, and exploring how technology can enhance all aspects of TBG’s operations. His involvement with AEC IT Leaders allows him to share insights and explore emerging issues with other industry professionals.

Greg hails from Mason City, Iowa, where he and his friends would go three-wheeling through the neighborhood and at a local track. He has a titanium plate in his neck and in college he was a security guard at a stamp convention. When he moved to Texas, he operated a machine that made hinges out of cold-rolled steel.