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Colin Stanley

principal / director of design technology
texas a&m university

As Principal and Director of Design Technology, Colin leads the development and implementation of design technologies and their seamless application within TBG’s workflow. In his role, he provides strategic development on digital transformation initiatives, partnering with practitioners to develop the firm’s digital capabilities beyond traditional and more expected project delivery. These techniques help innovate TBG’s design capacity, resilience and sustainability goals through analytics, visualization, and delivery methods. Colin thrives off creative problem-solving for projects with unique and interesting challenges and requirements, generally in the digital delivery and project management capacities.

Colin grew up in Clifton – the Norwegian Capital of Texas and one of the top 100 art communities in the United States. In high school, he worked on the ranch of a member of the Cowboy Artists of America, Martin Grelle. After the day’s work in the fields was done, Colin was able to witness the early pencil sketches and canvas layouts of some of Grelle’s popular original pieces and considers it one of his fondest memories.