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why we believe in design competitions, like city hall for all


What is a Design Competition?

A design competition is a competition for designers to participate in — often solving for various types of issues — locally, regionally, state-wide, nationally, or internationally.

As a design firm, TBG Partners believes design competitions are beneficial exercises!

What are the Benefits of a Design Competition? 

Not only do they build team camaraderie, internally and externally, but design competitions also allow participants to flex muscles they might not often get to. Participants are able to wear multiple hats because the teams are smaller and the deadlines are often quick turnarounds. Design competitions also push designers in creative and unexpected ways, and you can even discover an untapped skill set you didn’t know you had.

According to, “At their best, design competitions promote innovation, creativity, excellence and sheer possibility. Who doesn’t want to be aligned with those? And winning, of course, brings validation and acclaim.”

There’s something to the “pressure makes diamonds” adage after all.

What’s an Example of a Recent Design Competition?

Councilman Roberto Trevino, District 1, had an idea for a design competition that would make the front entrance to San Antonio’s City Hall building accessible for all citizens. His idea became a reality after receiving a donation from a local philanthropist.

Design teams had three months to work on their proposals for the re-imagined City Hall. The American Institute of Architects’ San Antonio office held an unveiling of the 22 submissions on Monday night.

Judges are scheduled to begin their selection process on August 1, with a winning project being chosen by August 14.

The submissions and the full story about the City Hall competition can be found on the Rivard Report.