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the ’68 apartments | san antonio


The ’68 Apartments are part of Downtown San Antonio’s rising urban scene. The site is located in the middle of Hemisfair — a central and historic neighborhood in San Antonio.

The apartment name and design aesthetic pay homage to HemisFair ’68, a six month long International Exposition that took place in 1968. The exposition was meant to celebrate San Antonio’s 250th anniversary and the various ethnicities of the western hemisphere, according to Worlds Fair 68. However, the event displaced over 1,600 residents when neighborhoods were seized and demolished to make way for the fair. The ’68 Apartments is an effort to replace those who were uprooted. Additionally, nearly half of the complex’s 151 residential units are targeted toward residents earning below the city’s median income.

TBG’s role as landscape architect was to connect the significant site to its people. The design included front door access to Yanaguana Garden, the second most frequented park per acre in Texas, and an inviting outdoor setting. A palmetto path, resident lounge, custom seating along the acequia, and seamless urban connectivity elevate the lifestyle experience and provide a daily connection to the vibrancy of Hemisfair Park.