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prosperity park


A community focused park masterplan vision has been announced for TBG Partners project, Irene H. Trigg-Myers Prosperity Park in Dallas, Texas! The park, formerly known as Kimble Park, is dedicated to community activist Irene H. Trigg-Myers by the City of Dallas and Abounding Prosperity, Trigg-Myers’s nonprofit she founded alongside her son, Kirk Myers, in 2005. TBG’s scope includes landscape architecture with design encompassing a dog park, garden and boardwalk overlook within the park site.

TBG Associate in the Dallas office, Ross Devault, says, “I was introduced to Kirk by my friend and Dallas City Council Member, Jesse Moreno, who was the parks board member in District 2 that we worked with on Crockett Dog Park in East Dallas. Kirk’s mother was a massive advocate for the community in South Dallas, particularly in the housing side of things, and Kirk wanted to find an opportunity to honor her legacy by providing private funding to improve a public park in the South Dallas area.”

TBG is contracted directly to Abounding Prosperity and has provided approximately 50% of the concept design services to date as pro bono to establish the overall vision and translate Irene’s legacy to a physical space. The firm has since been working with Parks Board Vice President and District 7 Parks Board Representative Daniel Wood, Parks Director John Jenkins and Kirk to conceptualize a phased masterplan that will improve the site.

The design of the park was driven by a desire to introduce program elements that will allow the park to provide activities and reasons to engage for everyone in the neighborhood regardless of age, interests or demographic. It focuses on creating a concept that respects the bones of what already exists from Kimble Park and utilizes a circular and serpentine geometry to better link those existing elements as well as introduce new programming in a phase-based approach.

The circular forms, planting palette and material expressions all draw inspiration from Irene H. Trigg-Meyers’s life, hobbies and passions. She was an expert gardener with an affection for ladybugs, hence the circular forms, bright pops of color and future detailed development of storytelling opportunities through pavement patterns, furniture, and murals that will play in as our scope advances. The project’s first phase is focused on creating a unique overlook under existing mature live oak trees that will act as a welcome sign with bold lighting design to grab people’s attention throughout the day and evening.

TBG looks forward to working further with the City of Dallas and surrounding communities, stakeholders, staff and elected officials to fine tune the masterplan and advance towards a full-service project schedule!

To read more on the future of the South Dallas park and hear from TBG Associate Allyson Caruso, check out this article by The Dallas Morning News.

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