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playgrand adventures: an all-inclusive playground


“From the beginning, PlayGrand Adventures has inspired me to allow the little kid in me out to explore, while still creating a playground that can truly be accessible to all AND still exceed all of our creative expectations!” – Stephanie Main, TBG Designer.

This is a 10-acre all-inclusive playground for all ages and abilities in Grand Prairie. PlayGrand is a part of the overall park project being constructed in Grand Prairie that will include The Epic, Epic Waters (indoor and outdoor water park), a trail system, and an amphitheater.

Design Focus of PlayGrand Adventures

The design focuses on 6 major outcomes.

1. Social & Emotional: To create lifelong memories, everyone must play together; learn to cooperate, take turns, and to engage in dramatic and imaginative play.

2. Sensory: PlayGrand includes elements that increase the sense of discovery by incorporating smell, textures and differing sounds and colors.

3. Physical: All children, teens and adults will have the opportunity to be physically active through play.

4. Cognitive: People of all ages will learn through play and interaction with each other in the environment that they are in.

5. Communication: The playground will support the development of receptive and expressive language, allowing everyone to be themselves, express who they are and demonstrate what they know.

6. Safety: will create a fun experience for children of all ages on learning how to play it safe everywhere, at anytime, in a controlled miniature setting. The playground will offer the ability to learn the specifics of bicycle and pedestrian transportation safety through education in a real life playful environment.

Donations can be made at! Our full project team includes the City of Grand Prairie, HKS, Dewberry, Smith Seckman Reid, Halff Associates, and Ramaker & Associates.