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Our 2018 Big Give Recap


September 28th was a beautiful day! Last year’s downpours were long forgotten as this year’s Big Give was preceded by rain. Because of all the rain, as we arrived in the early morning at our project sites the lush green gardens proved to be a stunning backdrop for the bright red TBG Big Give shirts.

Each city chose a project with a local partner focused on a food related service project. Even though we were at different sites, coincidentally most of us had very similar experiences. Fort Worth was the only outlier because their Park(ing) Day was postponed from September 21st to the same day as our Big Give.

Each of our partners was happy to encounter the passion and energy of our people and it was such a fun day to spend with colleagues outside of the confines of the design studio. While we all love our design work, The Big Give is when we invest our sweat equity working together to make a difference.

Here’s what we did in each of our cities:


_City Square

Plant Donations:
_Woodlake Outdoor

Project Details:
_Planting (new and renovations to existing)
_Picnic table construction and painting
_Furniture layout (brightly colored Adirondack chairs)
_Mural art (bubbles)
_Weeding (so much weeding)


_Gregory Lincoln Elementary
_Urban Harvest

_Garden work
_Chicken coop renovation
_Shed painting
_Mulch distribution (200 trips with the wheelbarrow)

Austin + San Antonio

_Sustainable Food Center
_Festival Beach Food Forest

_Built raised beds
_Chicken Coop Expansion
_Herb Garden weeding
_Seed Harvesting

Fort Worth
_Craftwork Coffee
_Diane Collier Group

_Fort Worth’s First Ever Park(ing) Day
_Extension of the coffee shop
_Burlap Bags hint at the packaging for coffee beans
_Board games
_Interactive Art creation