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one firm, many voices // dianora sanchez

Dianora Sanchez

By day, Dianora Sanchez supports both the Houston office and firmwide office operations. By night, she is a stellar pastry chef. She is passionate about storytelling, loves cultural touchstones passed down from generation to generation and has faced the challenge of losing both her parents during her college years only to go on to start her own business. Words fail to adequately describe her artistry, so if you are not already following @dbakescakes on Instagram, go ahead and do that now. Read on to learn more about Dianora!

1. What is your job title and role? Describe the things you are responsible for day-to-day and big picture. 
I am the Office Coordinator in the Houston office, and a firmwide resource to our other offices. Day to day I coordinate with my team and facilitate events, travel, meals, and expenses. I also help finalize construction contracts, review proposals, and make sure our office is running smoothly as it relates to calendars, conference rooms, and onboarding our new hires.

2. What do you love most about your work?
I love the connection I have with my peers, and the impact we have when approaching solutions creatively.

3. What is the biggest challenge to your role? Greatest challenge to the profession?
I think time is the greatest challenge and communicating the value and consideration of the resource with our office and clients alike. I think the biggest challenge to the profession could be technology’s move toward generic output of what artists and designers provide with such care, pride, and planning. The ease of automation can be tempting but will hopefully never replace the craft.

4. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to hit a deadline?
I found out if we miss the latest pick up time for FedEx (mind you they all close at 5 or 6 :\), you can still turn in the package at the FedEx airport terminal to get to it’s destination overnight…as long as you make it by 9pm.

5. What was the first project you worked on at TBG? 
I helped provide feedback on The Groves Trail Signs.

6. Please list three goals that you currently have your sights on.
The Holiday Baking Challenge on Food Network, To learn another language, Develop a new technique in cake design.

7. What accomplishments (in your career or life) have given you a sense of pride and satisfaction?
I was able to be a loving daughter to my mom making her feel special and appreciated every day and in the face of adversity starting and growing my business providing desserts that make life events so special for others.

8. Describe your design philosophy in two lines:
Less is more, but when more is more, make each piece intentional.

9. How do you define success?
I think success may be when you feel profoundly happy with yourself, love, and respect the space you take up.

10. How would you like to see your career evolve in the next 1, 3, and 5 years?
Whether it’s D Bakes Cakes or at TBG, I’d like to grow and have opportunities that impact society with thought provoking art and connection to stories and legacies, projects that impact people and have a creative narrative.

11. What’s your favorite movie line?
Pop quiz hot shot! – Speed

12. What should they teach in school, but don’t?
Taxes and smart investing.

13. List the one song (only one) that you play at full volume whenever it comes on the radio.
Canned Heat by Jamiroquai

14. What are two things you know you should know how to do but don’t?
Details on the plot of land my parents own in their home country, how to negotiate to at a dealership.

15. What makes you say “What was I thinking?” when you look back on your life?
When I cut my hair into a Bob -yikes

16. Who’s someone you look up to as a mentor?
My sister (Irish Twinkie).

17. What motivates and inspires you?
Travel and different cultures.

18. What do you do when you’re up against an obstacle or barrier?
I have to remember to regulate my breathing, remain composed, and take it a step at a time.

19. What are two personal habits that have served you well?
Research locations before arriving and remembering to do more listening than talking when getting to know someone.

20. Ask me about_____ (something you love to talk about)
All thing dessert and recipes.