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Habitat for Humanity community Persimmon Point breaks ground

Matt Dawson

On Friday, July 28, Habitat for Humanity broke ground on its biggest project ever: 126 new affordable homes.

Persimmon Point represents a more holistic approach to the Habitat for Humanity model — the idea of not only providing shelter, but creating community, with integrated enrichment programs as key pillars. TBG has worked closely with Habitat to establish the project vision and work through the logistics creating an affordable and uplifting community framework. Conceived as a mixed-income building on 4 acres, Persimmon focuses on quality of life, providing education and integral services beyond shelter, extended the scope far beyond placemaking and challenged existing paradigms. The project represents a thoughtful solution to uplifting locals in a setting facing significant affordability and land availability issues.

To read more, visit CBS Austin and Austin American-Statesman.

TBG Senior Associate, Matt Dawson pictured fourth from the right