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Get to Know Jordan Martin, TBG San Antonio’s Newest Member

Jordan Martin

Jordan Martin, Associate at TBG, recently made the move from Dallas to join the San Antonio studio. Growing up in the San Antonio area he is excited to get back to city to explore all the new changes with his family.

Question: How did you find landscape architecture?

Jordan: I always had an interest in landscaping. My high school had an architecture program with drafting and autocad classes that I pursued my freshman through senior year. Even though it was very technical, I developed an interest for organic architecture, which eventually led me to landscape architecture in college.

Question: Why are you passionate about it?

Jordan: As a kid I would help my mom do landscaping at our various homes. We would build these extravagant koi ponds with big water falls and lots of planting. I always enjoyed being outside, working with my hands and building landscapes. When she passed, I switched from architecture to landscape architecture and developed a passion for simple, thoughtful design, which puts people and nature first.

Question: Which of your projects has been the most rewarding and why?

Jordan: The Skinny in FW. That project was a “skinny” linear piece of land that was neglected by the city and forgotten about. It had so many challenges including grading and making a useable space, while also blending into the new Near Southside development. It offered a lot of custom details and out of the box thinking that pushed our whole team to make the project what it is today. It also helped that we were working with a developer that was passionate about their neighborhood and let our team run wild with imaginative ideas.

Question: What aspect of San Antonio are you most excited about?

Jordan: Being close to family. Up in FWD we were 7+ hours from the closest family member, and with a little boy, it was difficult all around. Travelling to see family was hard on all of us, and it was impossible to raise him around family as well. Being in SA now, we can raise him closer to family and live in the countryside, something my wife and I both grew up in and want to do for our son as well.

Question: How do you see landscape architecture changing in the next decade?

Jordan: I see more watering restrictions and a push for LID and other sustainable design solutions

Question: How do you approach design? Which part of the design process are you most excited about?

Jordan: I approach design by doing a thorough site analysis and studying the style of architecture and what they are trying to achieve. From there I like to find project precedents and establish a look and feel. I really enjoy the discovery and schematic process. There are so many design solutions that it allows me to think critically through the site, to think about details and the overall aesthetic of the project.

Question: How do you spend your free time?

Jordan: A lot of time outside with my family and just recently, getting ready to move into our new house out in the country!

Question: Favorite sports team?

Jordan: Texas Tech! Guns up!

Question: Favorite color?

Jordan: blue

Question: Favorite dessert?

Jordan: Pineapple upside down cake

Question: Favorite drinks?

Jordan: PBR, Lonestar, Old Fashion

Question: Favorite food?

Jordan: Mexican, specifically some spicy street tacos!