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featured in texas architect | A Darker Shade of Green

Taylor Davis

Texas Architect Magazine published an article in their November/December 2023 issue, crafted by TBGer Taylor Davis. Delve into the dialogue surrounding green gentrification, equitable urban development, and the pivotal role of community engagement in shaping our cities, as explored in “A Darker Shade of Green.” 

Highlighted within this edition is TBG’s work on the St. John’s redevelopment in Austin, a project that confronts the challenges posed by green gentrification. The initiative centers on the revitalization of a historic neighborhood and is distinguished by its incorporation of input from the local community through a robust two-year public engagement process.  

TBG’s approach to the St. John’s project is marked by a deep understanding of the neighborhood’s history and its current context. The overarching goal is to fashion a mixed-income, mixed-use district that integrates affordable housing and community-centric amenities. This undertaking aligns with TBG’s commitment to fostering inclusive urban spaces that cater to diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. 

You can read the full article on Texas Architect Magazine’s website: A Darker Shade of Green – Texas Architect Magazine.